Graupner Chico 1977-2020 New Laser Cut [Kit-to-build] 4645

Graupner Chico 1977-2020 New Laser Cut [Kit-to-build] 4645

Graupner Chico 1977-2020 New Laser Cut [Kit-to-build] 4645

Graupner Chico 1977-2020 New Laser Cut [Kit-to-build] 4645

Graupner Chico 1977-2020 New Laser Cut [Kit-to-build] 4645

Excerpt from the text of 1977

CHICO is a shapely, fast-paced compact model that is aerodynamically designed for flight performance. It is extremely manoeuvrable and has enough power surplus because of the low weight, in order to be able to fly most aerobatics exactly.

With the favorable dimensions, CHICO is a typical luggage compartment model. The wing and the tailplane are firmly installed in the fuselage.
This model is controlled only through ailerons and elevator, the rudder is rigidly installed. The wing has short ailerons, which are located directly on the fuselage. With this design, a smooth and soft flight behavior is achieved.
CHICO is a fast-paced powered model that fulfills special wishes and is a lot of fun for RC pilots

What is different then?

The CHICO is now manufactured in laser technology and can be assembled very quickly and easily. On the inner sides of the fuselage the positions and numbers of the frames to be glued are engraved, so the fuselage can be built almost without instructions.
Most of the parts were kept the same, with only slight modifications for the servo assembly of today's miniature servos in the wings and fuselage, as well as the cutouts for servo cables, a COX engine dummy, an additional motor frame for the assembly of today's electric motors.
All changes are designed so that it is also possible to easily build the model, as before, in the original.

By using today's RC technology, we have achieved a weight saving of about 150 g, which benefits the good-natured flight characteristics.

Flying characteristics

The model is very good natured and easy to fly but is not a beginner model.


  • New models from 1977
  • Great flight characteristics
  • COX engine dummy for great retro style
  • Laser cut components

Kit content

  • Quick construction plan from 1977
  • Instructions with exploded views
  • Laser cut balsa wood and plywood parts
  • Small parts and accessories for RC installation
  • Canopy
  • Link to manual

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