MSL Get Crafty Kit Suitable to Flitetest Models MSL-3001

A great value starter kit perfect to get started with Flitetest kits!

We've been working hard to bring a package to make it very accessable at the £40 price point to as many people as possible. This kit will allow you to get started with any foam board models.

What's in the box?

  • 50W Hot Glue Gun.
  • 11x200mm 10pcs.
  • A3 Cutting Matt.
  • 2pcs Steel Ruler Set 6 & 12 inch.
  • 150mm Aluminium Square.
  • 2pc Snap off Knife set.
  • Overlander Servo Tester.
  • Gorilla Packaging Tape Dispenser.
  • Swann Morton No.4 Knife Set.
  • GT Power Lipo Battery Tester & Voltage Alarm.

Manufacturer Info