Overlander Nimh Battery Pack SubC 5000mah 4.8v Flat Premium Sport OL-1594
Nimh Battery Pack SubC 5000mah 4.8v Hump Premium Sport

Exceptional value Sub C RX pack assembled to the highest standards with soft silicone leads and gold plated pins.

All Overlander receiver packs are assembled using:-

  • Pure nickel tabs
  • Capacitor discharge welding
  • Kapton, Nomex or TMK insulating tapes
  • Soft silicone 0.05 multi strand wire leads
  • Gold plated plug pins for perfect contact

Technical Specification

  • Length (mm) 90
  • Width (mm) 47
  • Depth (mm) 23
  • Weight (g) 269
  • Chemistry NiMH
  • Battery Capacity 5000
  • Voltage 4.8
  • Cell Number 4
  • Cell Size Sub C
  • Voltage 4.8v (4S)
  • Watt Hours (Wh) 24

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