Model Technics After Run Oil 60ml MTAR60ml

After-Run Oil should be put into the engine after each session of use to give additional corrosion protection. It also makes a superb general purpose lubricating oil and is supplied in a spouted container.

After run oil is used to stop internal corrosion in your engine, use after a days flying or driving. 

A Few General Do's and Dont's

  • Always keep your engine clean and free of dirt.
  • Choose the propeller that allows the engine to run in the RPM range that the designer intended.
  • Always filter your fuel from fuel bottle to tank and from tank to engine, and keep the filters clean.
  • Don't wipe the model with a cloth that sheds fibres, some will undoubtedly find their way into the needle valve or somewhere just as inconvenient.
  • Don't use a damaged propeller, an 11-inch diameter prop turning at 15,000 RPM has a tip speed of 490 MPH, and to shed a blade can obviously be lethal.
  • Always balance propellers and if possible spinners as there will be less vibration to affect the engine, model and radio.
  • Make sure your glow-plug battery is charged before you go out.
  • At the end of a days running 'dry' the engine out by pulling the fuel line off at full RPM. Then put After-Run oil in the carburettor and ensure it is dispersed throughout the engine. Raw fuel can sometimes be corrosive to steel, aluminium and copper bearing alloys.
  • Never store the model nose down in the corner of your garage, going home in the car, or even while cleaning it at the field, if it is fitted with a tuned pipe or an extra large silencer. The exhaust residue which collects in these is highly corrosive and would run straight back into the engine.
  • If the engine is badly 'flooded' i.e., liquid fuel in the crankcase turn the model over in such a manner that the excess fuel in the crankcase runs up the transfer passage, into the cylinder through the transfer port (make sure it's open-piston at the bottom of it's stroke), across the cylinder, out of the exhaust port and out of the silencer.

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