Graupner Pep Electric Glider Kit 1000mm [kit-to-build] 4318Graupner Pep Electric Glider Kit 1000mm [kit-to-build] 4318Graupner Pep Electric Glider Kit 1000mm [kit-to-build] 4318Graupner Pep Electric Glider Kit 1000mm [kit-to-build] 4318

PEP makes everything you want
The small model is great fun to fly, can play around near the ground, glide on the slope or glide without drive with folded CAM Folding Prop during good thermals. PEP is always with you and does not overwhelm even unskilled RC pilots. Due to its low wing loading and the coordinated drive, the basic speed is relatively low. The particularly good-natured covering behavior also contributes to the enjoyable flying.


  • Extremely low flight weight only approx. 365 g
  • Perfect climb with whispering noise
  • Sailing in thermals like a buzzard
  • Particularly maneuverable and agile
  • Simple construction, wing and tail made of balsa
  • Wing removable
  • Easy battery change through flap in the bottom of the fuselage
  • Perfectly matched RC Set (No. 4318.90) to the model available

The Set contains:

  • Construction instructions in German with detailed descriptions.
  • English, French, and Italian manual available as download
  • Laser-cut balsa and plywood boards
  • Profile sawed trailing edge and aileron of balsa wood
  • Bowden cable for elevator
  • Mounting elements for engine and wing
  • Decorative sheet with punched out lettering
  • Ready to use sanding block

Technical information

  • Drive: Electric-Brushless
  • Wing loading [g / dm2]: 28
  • Total surface area [dm2] : 13
  • Weight [g]: 365
  • Tailplane area [dm2]: 2,2
  • Overall length [mm]: 625
  • Wingspan [mm]: 1000
  • Wing area [dm2]: 10,8
  • Version: Kit
  • Manual

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