Graupner Flitetest Power Pack A (Minis) Power Pack FT4501Graupner Flitetest Power Pack A (Minis) Power Pack FT4501Graupner Flitetest Power Pack A (Minis) Power Pack FT4501

The Power Pack A for the single-engined Mighty Mini

The FliteTest / Graupner PowerPack A (Minis) contains everything you need to power and build a Mighty Mini (single-motor) aircraft. The only components you need in addition for being able to fly are a remote control, a receiver, a battery and a charger. The motor and speed controller are provided with 2 mm gold connectors, as well as XT-30 connector. Do not worry about what you need, we have made a perfect selection of components for you to make it as easy as possible to have fun at your hobby and not to waste time with the annoying components.

The PowerPack A, Mini is ideal for the following Flite test flight models

  • Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer Speed Build Kit (No. FT4103)
  • Mighty Mini Arrow (No. FT4111)
  • Mighty Mini F-22 Raptor (No. FT4113)
  • Mighty Mini Sparrow (No. FT4125)

Product features

  • Perfect choice of the components
  • Equilibrate balance of power and power consumption
  • Quickly assembled

The set contains

  • 1x Flite Test LiPo storage bag
  • 4x Linkage connections
  • 1x 300 mm Y cable
  • 2x 200 mm extension cable
  • 1x Flitetest 2 mm hex-key
  • 1x Flitetest Phillips screwdriver
  • 1x Motor ULTRA 2804 2300KV brushless Motor CCW
  • 1x ULTRA 20 A SBEC BL HELI S 2-4S XT-30 speed controller
  • 4x 5g servo
  • 2x Propellers C-Prop 5 x 3 inch CCW

Recommended accessories

  • Radio system
  • 3 axis Gyro
  • 3S 11.1v 800mah Lipo Battery with (XT-30)
  • Suitable Charger

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