Aeronaut Classic Sport Boat Kit 3092/00 [Kit-to-Build]Aeronaut Classic Sport Boat Kit 3092/00 [Kit-to-Build]Aeronaut Classic Sport Boat Kit 3092/00 [Kit-to-Build]

The Classic is a semi-scale model of the archetypal 20th Century power boat. The hull was designed with the emphasis on good planing characteristics at high speed. The boat is of all-wood construction, using plywood, mahogany and a laminated deck. Assembly is very simple, and even the beginner will encounter no problems.


The deck serves as a building jig, and the bulkheads interlock with it. The hull floor and sides are die-cut from thin plywood, and all the other model components are pre-cut or die-cut. The only tools required are a pair of scissors, a drill, screwdriver, clothes pegs, pins and adhesive tape.


The kit includes all the wooden parts required to build the model, propeller shaft, propeller, rudder, glue and comprehensive building instructions in various languages.

Length = 540mm

Width = 176mm


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