Saito FA-62b 4-Stroke Glow / Nitro Engine

Product Features

Unitized cylinder and head
Integrated head transfers heat more easily and evenly
Unique champagne color drive washer
.62 of power in a .56 size case
Backed by a full 3-year warranty
Installs easily in all .40–.72 models
True chrome AAC cylinder lining
1-piece cylinder head allows engine to run cooler
Turns an APC 13 x 6 prop at 9900 rpm
Golden Knight version also available


The Saito FA-62 is a lightweight 4-stroke glow engine brought to the market to bridge the gap between the .56 and the .72 displacement sizes. The FA-62 engine is only 5 grams heavier than the .56, offering a better power-to-weight ratio for modelers interested in glow engine power systems.


Type: 4 Stroke
Displacement: .62 cu in. (10.21cc)
Bore: 26.2 mm
Stroke: 19.0 mm
Cylinders: Single
Total Weight: 464 grams 16.4 oz
Engine (Only) Weight: 418 grams 14.7 oz
Muffler Weight: 46 grams 1.7 oz
Crankshaft Threads: M7 x 1 mm
Prop Range: 11x7 thru 13x7
Fuel: 10% - 30% nitro - Synthetic Oil
Mounting Dimensions: 137mm x 53mm x 102mm
Muffler Type: Cast
Cylinder Type: AAC
Carb Type: Barrel - Two needle
Crank Type: Dual Ball Bearing

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